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TGFT Guild Charter


ARTICLE 1 - Name

The name of the Guild is "The Guild of Free Traders"

ARTICLE 2 - Powers

The Guild shall have all powers permitted to a Guild under the rules of the Vendetta Online universe.

ARTICLE 3 - Purposes

  1. To promote free trade of goods and ore throughout the galaxy.
  2. To provide its members with competitive advantage by developing, collecting, and sharing information.
  3. To accumulate a guild treasury to fund the purchase of capital ships, stations, systems, or other future items.
  4. To defend its members against attack.

Article 4 - Council

  1. The Council consists of nine members of the Guild.
  2. The Council is the Guild's primary legislative and policy making body.
  3. The Council has the power to:
    1. Adopt by-laws that are binding on the Guild and its members. This Charter takes precedence over any by-law. By-laws can be adopted only by a majority of council members when a quorum is present. A quorum consists of five council members.
    2. Declare Vendetta against another guild.
    3. Override the Commander's veto. To override a Commander's veto requires seven votes.
    4. Admit or expel any person to or from the Guild.
    5. Ratify treaties negotiated by the Commander with other guilds. A treaty is not ratified unless it receives five affirmative votes.
    6. Elect and remove the Commander. Removal of the Commander requires seven votes.
    7. Create categories of membership and the qualifications and privileges of each.
    8. Set the amount of membership dues and provide for their collection.
    9. Determine how Guild funds are to be spent.
  4. Council members are responsible to:
    1. Attend meetings of the Council and membership.
    2. Read the Guild bulletin board on a regular basis and otherwise keep informed of issues raised by the membership.
    3. Acquaint themselves with probationary members.
    4. Seek input from the membership and involve the members in Guild activities and projects.
    5. Devise and promote activities for the Guild and the Vendetta Universe.
    6. Council members serve a term of six months, with three positions being elected every two months.
  5. At the time of a council election, each member in good standing may cast a number of ballots equal to the total number of council positions to be filled. The ballots may be cast for a single candidate or for any combination of candidates. The candidate that receives the highest total of votes will be elected to the first position to be filled. The person receiving the next highest total will be elected to the next position to be filled, continuing until all positions are filled. If there is a tie for the last position to be filled, a run-off election will be held.
  6. There is no limit to the number a terms a Guild member may serve as a member of the Council.
  7. Ex-council members, including commanders, shall serve as non-voting members of the council for one month after the end of their terms.

ARTICLE 5 - Commander

  1. The Commander is the chief executive and leader of the Guild.
  2. The Commander serves as President of the Council.
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  4. The Commander has the power to:
    1. Make day-to-day decisions on behalf of the Guild.
    2. Adjudicate any dispute among Guild members.
    3. Veto by-laws passed by the Council.
    4. Set the "Message of the Day" to communicate with the Guild membership.
    5. Designate players as having "Kill on Sight" status with the Guild.
    6. Negotiate treaties with other Guilds.
    7. Appoint members to fill Council seats that become vacant between elections.
    8. Appoint two Lieutenants to assist in carrying out the Commander's responsibilities.
    9. Appoint additional Guild officers, as needed, to assist in carrying out the Commander's responsibilities.
  5. The Commander is responsible to:
    1. Exercise the Commander's best efforts to promote and advance the interests of the Guild.
    2. Attend and conduct meetings of the Council and membership.
    3. Report to the Council concerning relations with other Guilds or other matters of interest to the Council.
    4. Ensure appropriate communication with the membership concerning matters being considered by and action taken by the Council.
    5. Establish and maintain programs for training members in skills needed to achieve the Guild's purposes.
    6. Represent the Guild in the case of disputes with other guilds or between membership of the guild and other players.
    7. The Commander serves a six-month term and is elected by a majority vote of the Council. Removal of a Commander during a term requires seven votes.

Article 6 - Lieutenants

  1. The lieutenants are appointed by the Commander and serve at the Commander's discretion. Lieutenants may also be members of the Council.
  2. Lieutenants have the power to admit and expel Guild members as directed by the Council.
  3. Lieutenants can expel any member who is 16 weeks delinquent in dues.

Article 7 - Ratification & Amendment

  1. This Charter will become effective when passed by a majority of members who vote within a seven-day period.
  2. This Charter can be amended only by a vote of 2/3 of members who vote within a seven-day period or by 7 Council votes.